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Tattoo Studio Gold Leaf Signs

Client: Identity Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Studio Gold Leaf Signs:

Identity Tattoo hand painted gold leaf window sign. 23ct matt and bright gold leaf, variegated leaf, mother of pearl / abalone shell details and brush blended shades. Traditional brush sign writing and gilding on site from a hand drawn sketch.

The Identity Tattoo design is hand drawn, enlarged and made into a pattern. The pattern is placed on the outside of the window and the design is painted in reverse on the inside of the window.

When the black outlines of the design have been sign written the gold and variegated leaf is applied using a mix of water and gelatine size, before painting the blended shades and cutting and applying the abalone shell / mother of pearl.

Finally the gold is backed up (painted over) and pencil varnished to prevent damage. Gold never tarnishes and with care a well crafted gold leaf window sign will last for decades. There are plenty of examples of gilded window signs over 100 years old in the UK.